Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Missing in Action

Hi All

This is rather personal & not Scrap booking or card related so if you want to skip this post, please do ~ I just feel I need to share a very important part of my life ~ as my Mother shared my love of paper crafting (and other creative mediums) & we traveled to many event together...

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May, she had a Mastectomy in July ~ all went really well with NO pain at all!  At her follow up appointment we found out it had spread throughout her entire body to many of her organs (liver, lungs, kidney, bones & scalp).  I have been spending much time with her & dad, driving to appointments, taking care of the house, preparing meals doing the laundry etc... and then she took a turn for the worse the middle of October.  Thinking it was a stroke, she was rushed to hospital... and was admitted.  Mom did not want to be alone so we promised her she would not be alone... dad is not able to stay with her, it is hard on him physically so I stayed with her... we all stayed with her ~ rotating over night stays with my eldest daughter & my sister,  The next couple of days were difficult for us all ~ we found out that she actually did not have a stroke that day she was brought in ~ it was a seizure caused from a previous small stroke that she did not even know she had.  She experienced 2 more seizures while in hospital under the watchful eye of the head Neurologist for the Study of medicine at Kingston General Hospital & Queens University. She got worse, not able to eat & would cough if just drinking water. she slept a lot under the medication they had given her for her lungs & another to prevent further Seizures.
She was transferred to Palliative care on her Birthday & we celebrated her 75th Birthday there with about 25 people coming in & out throughout the day... she was not awake for it as her meds made her sleep a lot but we know she knew we were there & that we all love her very much!
We were blessed with her making it through that day and the next as out of town family were coming to visit with her...in the wee hours of October 26th, mom slipped away in her sleep to be with the Lord.

I will really miss her.

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